Sunday, August 7, 2016

Making Minions

This one was for my son, because he loves minions and his room is decorated with them.  He's pretty good at posing for me, too.  :)

Magic and Unicorns

This lovely young tween wanted her own fantasy portrait, and her mother made the fantasy dress she is wearing.  Sparkles always mean magic and nothing is more magical or fantastical than a unicorn.

For photo sitting and photomanipulation, costs range between $50 to $250. 
For information about how you can gift your daughter with a magical unicorn art image, inquire at:

Movie Posters

Few things make better gifts than a movie poster, turned into your own personalized art piece. Think about the conversations this might start!

Guinevere at the Door

Sometimes, a friend just needs the encouraging thought that one of the doors they're knocking on will eventually open.  This was the case with Jenn, who allowed me to dress her for the shoot, and pose her with the grace of a queen.

Her look reminded me of a Renaissance lady, and this detail reveals her lovely spirit.  The ancient rendering of the name "Jennifer" is actually Guinevere, so I had fun with title on this one.

Sports Poster - Basketball

It can be challenging sometimes to get good action shots from kids, so for Luciano's background pictures, we showed up to one of his "Sports League" Basketball games.  Then, he arrived at our studio for the central photo shoot, in his uniform.

Flower Babies

Babies make the most precious fairies of all.  This beautiful child was 5 months old and she did a lovely job posing.  We added the flower, the background, her wings and antennae, but she brought her own delightful beauty that we couldn't add to. 

Costs for Photo Setting and Digital Manipulation range between $50 to $250.  We can sometimes work with photos you have.  Inquire at for more information.   

The Art Lover's Choice

This beautiful image was more difficult than it first appears.  We worked with a gentleman who loved a particular artist's ocean prints.  We recreated the ocean print and then took photo images of his own daughters to replace the children in the original picture.  What resulted was a portrait hand-crafted for both his loves:  art and his own children.

For the Steampunk or Fantasy Junkie

We love steampunk and fantasy, so if you are willing to pose, we will take your images and place you into an ethereal world!  We even have a few props to help with the total illusion!

The Teen Fairy

This lovely young dancer did not know how fairy-like she could, in fact, appear.  Marisabel came to our studio for her photoshoot and was such a good sport, posing every which way imaginable for us.  We modified her ears for that elven touch, but she brought her own fairy charm.

This detail image shows a bit more of the work involved to give her those lacey wings and elven ears.

For information about how you can become a fairy (Costs range between $75 and $250 for photo sitting and digital manipulation), inquire at

Sports Portrait - Baseball

The rising Little League baseball star loves the chance to look like his favorite baseball player.  We modified Nick's image after a Barry Bond's poster and completely rebuilt it.  With photos we took in our studio, we created a lasting image that "Nico-Shea" and his family will cherish forever.